Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last nights deliveries.

Was decently busy last night, took about $30 worth in deliveries worth in tips, one delivery stood out more than the others. Its a house that orders a lot. 61 lawrence. Its a decent drive to get there but not too too far. The house has a nice long driveway up to the house, and we are always told to go to the back. Tonight i wasn't greeted by the many dogs that wait me. I walk up to the back of the house, and the man was waiting for me. He opens the door, just wide enough for the pizza to get though, hands me money with $7 worth in tip and yells "GET OUT!"

He seems like a decent person, always leaves a large tip. But hes very firm with when he wants us deliverymen to leave. I pity the man. He has many dogs, but i doubt he has many friends.


  1. I bet he's up to something. There's something in that house it's owner doesn't want anyone to know about

  2. Maybe he has dead people in his basement?

    Stay away from him man.

  3. This blog really "delivers"

    Ha ha, do you see what I.. No? OK. I'm following anyway.

  4. hahaha Tengen lol i did not see that. Thanks for following.

  5. Geeee i wish I got tipped that nicely when I did deliveries.